Recognised as one of the world's top golf coaches in 3D Golf Biomechanics and Golf Psychology

Chris Brook's success comes from his unequivocal and relentless commitment, vigour, determination, energy and passion. For him the journey is to delve deep and get to the heart of what makes you perform and succeed.

His unique and different approach in golf coaching is what makes him the best golf coach in the UK and is perfect for adults who are seeking a mentor to challenge, push and motivate you. His own motivation and determination for being part of your success is what makes him greatly sought after by like minded people.

With over 20 years of specialising in 3D golf biomechanics including strength and mobility, the generating of high golf club head speed combined with building custom fitted clubs that are body and swing matching coupled with psychology and sport science background; Chris is known as being a warm and enthusiastic person with the ability to communicate in simple terms the complexities that surround the game.

Chris combines all his wealth of knowledge and expertise on golf biomechanics, psychology, strength, mobility and finally clubfitting to provide the solutions and to meet the demands of today's golfer. Regardless of your golfing ability, all adults are warmly welcome.

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Types Of Golf Tuition Services Available

Your golf tuition is based upon factual gathered information relating to you. Your progress will then be measured to achieve the optimum outcomes. Below briefly explains the areas which are covered within each of the three categories of golf instruction to enable you to select precisely what you require.


    • Understanding Your Natural Movement Pattern.
    • Understanding Your Natural Power Pattern (GRF).
    • Gaining Complete Control Over Face At Impact & Start Line.
    • Increasing Ball Curve Control.
    • Increasing Club Speed.
    • Enhancing Accuracy.
    • Ball Striking.
    • Ball Trajectory Control.
    • Tempo Consistency.
    • Stock Shot Development.
    • Removing Straight Shot Syndrome.


  • Overcome Severe Performance Adversity.
  • Controlling Arousal, Stress and Anxiety.
  • Developing Performance Mindset Control.
  • Developing Calmness, Quiet Mind.
  • Coping Strategy.
  • Self Removal.
  • Developing Flow.
  • Developing Perspective.
  • Removing Self Doubt.
  • Handling Frustration.
  • Developing Process.
  • Adapting.


    • Score Compounding.
    • Strategy.
    • Four Round Scoring.
    • 71 B Game.
    • Damage Limitation.
    • Problem Solving.
    • Recovery.
    • Precision Shot Shaping.
    • Developing Precision Wedge Distance Control & Accuracy.
    • Developing Putting Flow & Self Removal.
    • Bunker Distance Control.
    • Training To Remove In Between Yardages.
    • Enhancing Climate Ball Control.
    • Slope Control.

Complimentary Golf Swing Appraisal or Golf Psychological Appraisal When You Enquire

After your enquiry for coaching, Chris will email you a Profile Questionnaire to help him "catch up" on your golf history and fully understand your requirements. In addition to this he also invites you to submit any videos that you feel will help. You will then promptly recieve a personal review video and a have a follow up call to discuss a plan of action.

No matter where you live around the world Chris can coach you live online.

When you are unable to see Chris in person, live online golf instruction is available. Regardless of the time difference if you are abroad, Chris will be there for you.

Latest Video

This video shows Chris in the middle of a putting lesson. Using his TrackMan and SAM PuttLab, he investigates the results and proceeds to resolve the path and face issues for one of his students who is pushing putts to the right.